Meet the Brooke Family

Celebrating Family Weekend 2017, the Memorial Student Center introduces the Brooke Family. Will, Amy and Steven Brooke have proved that to be part of something is more than just a simple sentence. They are a living embodiment of the MSC’s dedication to experiential learning and providing students with unique leadership learning and student development opportunities.

Student Involvement starts with MSC Open House

Student involvement starts with MSC Open House. Organizations can reach thousands of students at one time during MSC Open House. New and current students have the opportunity to visit with and interact with student clubs and organization from around campus, carving our their niche within the campus community.

DSA recognizes staff members for years of service

Several MSC staff members were recently recognized at the DSA Staff Appreciation & Years of Service Celebration 2016.

The event opened with remarks by Dr. Daniel J. Pugh, Sr., vice president for student affairs. Dr. Cynthia L. Hernandez, associate vice president for student affairs, recognized staff members with 5, 10 and […]

MSC FLI: Helping Texas A&M Freshman Become Global Citizens

MSC FLI is dedicated to providing freshman of Texas A&M University with the necessary skills and global perspective to become successful students and productive members of the campus community.

Meet MSC Advisors, Carly Rice & Kayla Flott

Careers in Students Affairs month concludes with Carly Rice and Kayla Flott, graduate assistants pursuing careers in student affairs. Dedicated to the MSC’s mission to leadership learning and student development, Carly and Kayla share their motivation behind choosing to become student affairs professionals.

Meet MSC Advisor, Raye Leigh Stone

Celebrating Careers in Students Affairs Month, the MSC Student Programs Office is spotlighting members on our advising staff. We’re focused on preparing our students to be global citizens through our unique student programming, leadership learning and student development opportunities.

Meet MSC Advisor, Katy King

The MSC Student Programs Office is celebrating Careers in Student Affairs Month. During this month-long celebration, we are focusing on our mission of leadership learning and student development by spotlighting members of our advising staff by sharing their motivations and passions in pursuing a career in student affairs.

Meet MSC Advisor, Lydell Perry

October is Careers in Student Affairs month. The MSC Student Programs Office is dedicated to leadership learning and student development. Our advising staff is celebrating this month-long event by sharing their motivations and passions in pursuing a career in student affairs.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved in an MSC Organization


Much as cereal isn’t the same without milk, peanut butter and jelly need each other to make a good sandwich, and popcorn always tastes better with butter students involvement in organizations complement and enrich their college experience while preparing them for their future.

The Memorial Student Center at Texas […]

Town Hall – Coffeehouse Series

Who knows your feelings better than your favorite artist and what can make a late night of studying or an early morning test better? Throughout college there seems to be two things that can get you through almost anything you are struggling with: music and coffee. MSC […]