MSC Awards 2016

DSA Award-Winning Advisors

Recognizes individuals for their outstanding service on behalf of Texas A&M University and the Division of Student Affairs. Recipients are recognized for their contributions the Division’s core values of caring, diversity, respect, integrity, excellence and service. They demonstrate independent action and resourcefulness, encourage new ideas and creativity, exhibit leadership qualities with the context of position responsibilities, and demonstrate other skills that exceed work expectations.

Shanna Wright

Amanda Flores

Cory Arcak

Assessment of Student Learning Award, Spring 2016

Recognizes a staff member for their outstanding service towards assessing student learning at Texas A&M University. The recipient has a direct impact on students or student groups in creating an environment which enhances student learning in the co-curricular. The recipient shows dedication on improving student learning through using assessment results and links student learning assessments to the university, division and/or department.

Katy King

Randy Matson ’67 Association of Former Students Award, Spring 2016

Honors outstanding service by the expectations of one’s position. Recipients are recognized for significant contributions to an environment that enhances the Student Affairs mission at Texas A&M University. Recipients are also recognized for the complexity and diversity of their responsibilities; excellence in performing their job responsibilities; dedication and commitment in going “above and beyond” the call of duty; overall contributions to the Division and the University; contributions to the student affairs profession; and direct or indirect impact on the development of students and student groups in creating an environment which enhances student development.

Raye Leigh Stone

Rountree Award

Reid Hopkins
Zach Rozinsky

Altendorf Award

Reid Hopkins

James R. Reynolds Award

Mary Casillas

Director’s Award

Jalyn Golden
Arianne Couch
Brian O’Hara

Patrick Glaze
Dakota Plesa
Kara Harrington

Mackenzie Curtis
Grayson Eiland
Zach Vaughn

President’s Award

Kyle Meserole
Alexa Etheredge
Melissa Ottenbreit

W Lander
Amy Brooke
Brandon Castro

Zach Vaughn
Ana Cardona
Rebecca Matlock

Stark Award

Richard Tran
Zach Rozinsky

Margaret Rudder Service Award

David Ragland
Arianne Couch
Jennifer Rangel
Claire Fisher

Jordan Innovative Leadership Award

Drew Lee
Grayson Eiland

Diversity of Involvement

Taylor Welch
Amanda Ibarra

Gaines Award

Erin Jacques
Kristen Kelly
Rachel Fair
Lukas Tidwell
Aaron Tucker

Chair of the Year

Nate Graf

First Year Involvement

Alejandra Manzanera
Ana Szachacz
Andrew Glazener
Bobbi Villareal
Christina Long
Christopher Walker
Claire Fisher
Claudia Mcmillan
David Banks
Edwin Conde
Elizabeth Castillo
Elliot Flint
Guadalupe Flores
Hailey Wedlich

Haley Addison
Jackson Sharrick
John Mayson
Jordyn Craighead
Karla Valerie Melendez
Kat Hill
Katy Potter
Kendall Tester
Koy Kunkel
Luke Nisley
Marisa Harris
Meri-Margaret Miller
Michael Wakin
Miranda Cruz

Mitchell Fly
Nathan Seago
Ninno Marrocchi
Paul Dart
Phoebe Stewart
Rachel Fuqua
Samantha Clark
Sarah Bibb
Taryn Williames
Taylor Welch
Teresa McGee
Victoria Alexander
Yovana Marnkovic
Zachary Miller

Committee of the Year



Committee Development

MSC FLI – Costa Rica Trip

Team of the Year

MSC Hospitality

New Program

MSC FISH – Waves


MSC Aggie Cinema

Development Program


Arts and Culture

MSC VAC – TAMU Secrets & Stories


MSC FLI/MSC L.T. Jordan – #RefYOUgee

Conference of the Year


Diversity Program


Entertainment Program

MSC OPAS – Beauty and the Beast

MSC Community Service Award

MSC ALOT – Angel Tree