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MSC Committee Chairs

MSC committee chairs provide leadership and motivation to their respective committees. Duties of being a committee chair include coordinating programming efforts, student development and fiscal responsibilities of their committees.

Claire O’Beirne
MSC Abbott
Family Leadership Conference

Yash Bansal
MSC Aggie Cinema

William Stuart

Mike Duncan
MSC Bethancourt

William Eigenbrodt
MSC Business Associates

Paola Martinez

Brie Snider
MSC Fall Leadership Conference

Elliot Flint
MSC Freshmen Leadership International

Taylor Cantu
MSC Freshmen In Service and Hosting

Yanitza Costilla
MSC Hospitality

Taylor Welch
MSC L.T. and Jessie W. Jordan
Institute for International Awareness

Aricka Anderson

Kimberly Bosquez
MSC Student Conference
On Latinx Affairs

Thomas Elliott
MSC Student Conference
On National Affairs

Amanda Lanier
MSC Spencer Leadership Conference

Alexandra Trevino
MSC Town Hall

Mary Casillas
MSC Visual Arts Committee

Sade Hill
MSC Carter G. Woodson
Black Awareness Committee

Joshua Ratta
MSC Wiley Lecture Series