MSC Membership

Becoming an MSC Member

STEP 1: Finding A Committee for You

The MSC is home to 18 student-driven, staff supported programming committees. Find out more by visiting Get Involved or attending MSC Open House, taking place the first Sunday afternoon after the semester begins. All MSC committees will be present and ready to recruit you!

STEP 2: Preparing Your Application

Now that you have decided on a committee(s), the next step is preparing an MSC cover page by entering your personal contact information online. Once you have entered your information, please print and/or save the resulting page(s). This will be used as the cover page for your membership application which contains your MSC Cover Page Number. Steps to completing the application process may be found here, or you may call the MSC Student Programs Office at 845-1515 for information.

MSC committees will have a paper application process or an online application process, therefore it is important to contact the recruitment officer or student leader from the respective MSC committee(s). Some MSC committees only accept applications in early fall, others accept new members year-round. Submit your application by the deadline to the location indicated on the committee application.

STEP 3: Interviews and Selection

After you have submitted an application, the committee’s membership team will review your application and contact you. If you have been selected for an interview you will be provided with instructions on how to schedule a time to meet with the membership team. Many committees expect business attire during the interview process. If you are not certain how to dress, contact the membership team and ask them what attire will be most appropriate.

 Becoming an MSC Officer

The MSC provides leadership learning and development opportunities through its MSC Officer positions. Officer positions include President, Executive Vice President of Programs, Executive Vice President of Business and Committee Development, Executive Vice President of Diversity and Committee Development, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Business, Vice President of Diversity and Committee Chairs. The responsibilities for each position differ.

If you are interested in becoming an MSC officer, applications open in January and February. MSC experience helps when applying for officer positions, but is not a requirement. Some of the MSC’s most effective leaders bring fresh perspectives and ideas from outside the MSC.

In addition, each committee has leadership positions, called committee executives. These positions open after the committee chair is selected, however some open throughout the year. Open positions may be found here.