Kyle field day 1

Field Day has long been a cherished event for elementary school kids as they look forward to the day where they can compete in activities and escape the classroom setting.  MSC FISH puts a spin on this magical experience for children, college students and adults of the Bryan/College Station community each April through a service project called Kyle Field Day.

The mission of Kyle Field Day is “to provide the students of Texas A&M a chance to actively engage in service and seek continued involvement in the community.” Through different service activities, games and entertainment; citizens within the community come together to participate in this spring service event.

But what goes into putting on a large-scale, student-ran event such as this one?

Bob Roach, a former Assistant Director for FISH, discusses the impact he has played in bringing Kyle Field Day to life and how he has grown throughout the process.

“You really learn to figure out ways to work best in a group environment. Being able to communicate with the other subcommittees and learning how to work with other people in a group towards this overarching goal. You hit the ground running and you learn a lot really quick…”

Bob, who had been a member of MSC FISH his freshman year, notes that the transition into a leadership role his sophomore year was difficult at first as he had to learn how to manage his time.

“I really learned how important it was for me to be a self-motivator and self-starting individual. My teammates were depending on me to pull through, to do what I was supposed to do, and to be there for them.”

Drew Lee, one of the Executive Directors for Kyle Field Day 2016 comments, “A lot of people will say they have good teamwork skills because they worked on a project in a class, but this is different. This is working together as a team to take a project from start to finish in nine months…and I think that’s something really unique.”

These teamwork skills may be one of the many reasons that students in MSC FISH have been able to produce such successful programs. Katie King, the organization’s advisor notes that, “Students are always surprised how much work goes into it. Organization, teamwork and problem solving are all a part of what makes Kyle Field Day happen.”

As you walk around Kyle Field Day you can see countless people learning not only how to give back to the community in different ways but also becoming more aware of the need for continual service within the community. “I really appreciate how we bring the community and students together” Mrs. King said.

Becoming a part of something bigger than one’s self and selflessly serving seems to be the goal of many Aggies as they look to find their place in Aggieland. Bob was happy to find his place in MSC FISH commenting, “ As a member of an MSC Organization you learn about yourself, you learn about others and you learn about life. It’s a great way to grow up. That’s what college is all about in my opinion, figuring out what’s out there.”


Drew Lee and the rest of the MSC FISH team are already working on Kyle Field Day 2016. Mark your calendars, Aggie Family, because you will not want to miss this opportunity to serve within the community!

To learn more about Kyle Field Day and MSC FISH you can visit their website at