Membership Has It’s Benefits

Enriching Your Learning Experience By Providing Leadership Skills Development

Students produce our programs, which means members of our MSC student programming committees prepare for their professional careers by doing things professionals do. Join one of our programming committees and you will have a great opportunity to further your professional and personal development. MSC members get experience.

This is the end product the public will see, and it’s what the MSC does best.

Students who produce programs not only develop program ideas but build promotional campaigns, manage budgets and raise funds. Hosting guest speakers and artists, running sound at a concert, installing an art exhibit, even planning conference logistics are all part of the MSC experience.

Essentially, MSC committee members are in charge of doing all the work to make programs happen, and in the process obtain real-world, hands-on training and experience.

Producing programs is the end goal, but in order to do that MSC students have to build strong committees capable of doing all the work campus-wide programming requires. And that is precisely what students in the MSC do.

Students recruit and train new members, develop collaborative teams and help members build strong relationships with one another. Committee members make budgeting and planning decisions and provide direction and inspiration for their committee membership.

Working with professional advisors and other students, MSC committee members gain invaluable experience in learning how to manage and operate their organizations.

Of course if you’re a no-nonsense type of person who just wants an inventory of the types of resume-building skills you can gain from being active in an MSC organization, we can provide that too. Keep in mind you may not do all of these things, but in any given committee, these are the types of opportunities students have.

  • Public Speaking
  • Delegation
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Marketing Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Budget Management
  • Meeting Planning and Facilitation
  • Collaboration

Building Networks

While what you know is very important, who you know is a critical component to your success.
Students at the MSC build important social and professional networks that can not only benefit them in their future careers, but also help them succeed in their college careers. They meet and work with other students, faculty, administrators, and former students. They collaborate and communicate with business leaders, academic researchers, and artists. They make friendships that often last a lifetime.

It’s called social capital and it’s a critical ingredient for happiness and success. Join an MSC committee and you’ll have the chance to increase your social capital.