Celebrating Family Weekend 2017, the Memorial Student Center introduces the Brooke Family. Will, Amy and Steven Brooke have proved that to be part of something is more than just a simple sentence. They are a living embodiment of the MSC’s dedication to experiential learning and providing students with unique leadership learning and student development opportunities.

“I served as MSC President in 2014,” Will said. “I was also Chair of MSC FISH in 2013, a student leader on the MSC Champe Fitzugh International Honors Leadership Seminar and a MSC Fall Leadership Conference delegate for many years.”

Setting the example for his siblings, Will says his time within the MSC helped develop him as more than just a leader.

“My involvement, especially in student leadership positions, forced me outside my comfort zone,” he said. “Planning projects, public speaking, fundraising/development and tackling challenging problems provided what I wasn’t getting in the classroom. My experiences helped me develop into a well-rounded person.”

Echoing her brother’s sentiments, Amy draws on her MSC experiences in her everyday life.

“As a high school English teacher, my MSC involvement provided me so many skills I use at work every day. In MSC FISH, I learned how to work with people different than I am,” she says. “I learned how to motivate those younger than me to do their best.”

She thanks the MSC for teaching her to foster thought-provoking discussions with her students.

“As a member of MSC Bethancourt, I was able to discuss complex situations with experienced individuals on a weekly basis,” she says. “I have these discussions in my class all the time. I have the MSC to thank for being able to succeed as a first-year teacher, especially for my organizational, creative and critical thinking skills.”

As a senior scheduled to graduate in December, Steven anticipates using the skills he’s gained in his professional and personal life.

“I was constantly surrounded and worked closely with people in MSC committees. I learned more about time management, delegation and managing people than I would have had I not been involved in the MSC.”

Dr. William and Dawn Brooke were constantly impressed with the caliber of students and experiences within the MSC.

“We saw tremendous personal growth in our all children as well as gaining confidence during the time they were involved in the MSC,” Dawn said. “They became more community-focused and more interested in working with, serving and learning from others. We saw our children make a difference in their community and then be recognized for their efforts.”

“The MSC really allowed our children to tap into potential that was dormant in all of them,” William said. “Being part of the MSC gave their campus life focus and meaning. I am very grateful they had the opportunity to be involved.”

For the Brooke family, the MSC has provided countless opportunities for growth and development.

“My favorite part of my MSC experience was befriending my advisors,” Steven said. “I am beyond grateful for the work, guidance and support provided to me, especially the opportunity to hear and meet impactful speakers I would have never come into contact with had I not been a part of the MSC.”

The MSC provided purpose and guidance, allowing each Will, Amy and Steven to embrace passion and leadership learning needed to help prepare and other students to engage in a global society.

“The MSC provided me with the best of friends, valuable skills and a passion for helping others,” Amy said. “No matter what I was going through during my time at Texas A&M, I always had a place to go, something important to focus on and a chance to be part of something.”