MSC Executive Team

The MSC Executive Team (E-team) consists of four student leaders and four staff advisors who collectively lead the Memorial Student Center committees. These four student leaders include the MSC President and the Executive Vice Presidents of Diversity, Programs and Business. The E-team oversee the programs and policies of the organization and report to the MSC Board of Directors, a group of students, staff and faculty from across campus who guide the MSC in its mission of bringing outstanding programs to campus. Under the direction of the E-team, the Vice Presidents of the MSC help guide and shape MSC policies as well as provide assistance to committee chairs when needed.

Taylor Welch
MSC President

The MSC President is the chief student leader of the Memorial Student Center’s 1,400-member organization. In addition to leading the E-team, the MSC President also represents the MSC student membership to university administrators, former students and other university-affiliated organizations, potential donors, as well as current and future students.

Adrian Leos
Executive Vice President of Diversity

Morgan McMaster
Executive Vice President of Programs

Kaitlyn Simmons
Executive Vice President of Business

The Executive Vice President of Diversity works alongside the EVP of Business to plan and execute training and developmental opportunities for the MSC’s student programmers. The EVP of Diversity is committed to ensuring that the Memorial Student Center provide a welcoming place for all students and to promote inclusivity in our programs and committees.

The Executive Vice President of Programs  coordinates the process of identifying, approving and producing the MSC’s diverse and engaging programs. The EVP of Programs leads the Programs Approval Team, which provides guidance and support to the programming committees so they can bring the best programs to campus for the student body and surrounding community.

The Executive Vice President of Business oversees most of the administrative functions of the student organization. In addition to coordinating the budgeting process, fundraising efforts, and data analysis of the committees, the EVP Business also works with the EVP of Diversity to plan training sessions for MSC student leaders.

Taylor Cantu
Vice President of Diversity

Saul Martinez
Vice President of Programs

John Mitchell
Vice President of Programs

Ethan Beauregard
Vice President of Business

The Vice President of Diversity is responsible for providing training in the areas of diversity, leadership, personal and professional development and communications.

The Vice Presidents of Programs is responsible for the overall planning, calendaring, coordination and evaluation of all MSC programs.

The Vice President of Business is responsible for the overall planning, coordination and evaluation of a variety of developmental opportunities.