Much as cereal isn’t the same without milk, peanut butter and jelly need each other to make a good sandwich, and popcorn always tastes better with butter students involvement in organizations complement and enrich their college experience while preparing them for their future.

The Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University is home to 17 different committees made up of students who are looking to get involved around campus.

What are the benefits of getting involved?

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Connect to the school– Attending a University as large as Texas A&M can be daunting, especially for someone who grew up in a small town. The Aggie community is welcoming, but it is often easy for freshman to get lost in the sea of new students and to have a difficult time finding their home away from home. By getting involved in student-led organizations, like the MSC committees, students may find the transition into Aggie Land to be smoother.

“Town Hall gave me a home on campus. It feels really good to find a spot where you can talk to a lot of like-minded people. These people are very musically oriented and have an appreciation for the arts.” Senior, Brandon Kastro, MSC Town Hall


Discover new passions- In high school if you were anything like me you may have been wrapped up in your one hobby that you dedicated all of your time to. For me, it was volleyball. I played volleyball year round and missed out on opportunities to experience other things that interested me, such as Student Council and Yearbook Club.  As a senior in college looking back I am extremely thankful for the opportunity that college gave me to explore. I was able to try new things, develop new passions and interests, and throughout the four years become a more cultured and educated person.

“People say when you come to college you will experience more culture than you do in your hometown. You really get the chance to try new things.” Freshman, Jacob Faseler, Event Attendee



Networking- From the time you walk into your first freshman class to the day you graduate it is ingrained in your head to constantly be networking. “It is all about who you know,” they tell you. Attending a university that provides such a large network through the Aggie Network is quite a privilege for our students.  Through participation in organizations there are relationships that are developed and often times mature into long-term friendships.

“These events are a really good idea because it draws people together and you have the opportunity to meet people outside of normal activities such as class and social organizations.”- Senior, Kalyn Speck, event attendee


Apply concepts learned- While the main reason you attend college is to receive an education and get a degree, participation in a campus organization has the power to complement the skills that teachers work so hard to demonstrate in the classroom. By bringing the information learned in class such as budgeting, advertising strategies, and communication skills MSC Committee members are able to gain real-world experience by hosting student ran service events.

We go to class and learn, but being in this kind of organization and learning about leadership and putting it into effect with programs, organizing events on campus, and working with other people. It’s a great way to get hands on approach of the things you learn in your classes.”- Junior, Ekanta Desai, MSC ALOT


Skill Development- Students who participate in MSC organizations have the opportunity to learn skills that they may not be able to fully develop while seated at a desk in a classroom.  These students are able to interact with industry professionals, communicate with community members, lead other students, and learn in the same way that full time employees do. These committee members are then well rounded and ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.

“As a member of an MSC Organization you learn about yourself, you learn about others, and you learn about life. It’s a great way to grow up and figure out what’s out there.”- Senior, Bob Roach, MSC FISH

There are countless reasons why joining an MSC Committee may benefit students throughout their time at Texas A&M; the friendships gained, the skills developed, and the Learning (that) Happens Here.