Who knows your feelings better than your favorite artist and what can make a late night of studying or an early morning test better? Throughout college there seems to be two things that can get you through almost anything you are struggling with: music and coffee. MSC Town Hall combines the passion for music and the arts with free coffee and presents Coffeehouse.

Coffeehouse is a program put on by a subcommittee of Town Hall students that gives Texas A&M students the opportunity to perform in front of their peers or to listen to their peers Wednesday nights from 5-7 pm in the Lower Level of the MSC.

Not only has Coffeehouse been around for 28 years but also what makes it unique is that there is learning happening in three different segments. “Students that are planning the program are learning and getting experience producing an event, the students in the audience are becoming more cultured through some quality entertainment, but at the same time some budding talent gets to showcase its talents in a very friendly environment,” Dave Salmon, Town Hall advisor, states.

Tess Rose, the Coffeehouse Executive, has played a prominent role in transitioning the way Coffeehouse was traditionally ran. She notes, “I definitely didn’t realize how much work goes into planning these events and how much freedom you actually have to change things up.” Tess and her team implemented changes such as the transition to featuring all A&M Student performers, adding decorations, and even giving out free coffee. By doing headcounts and counting card swipes, the team has really been able to figure out what the students want to hear.

The introduction of new marketing tactics and attention to the idea of continual improvement has created a loyal fan base for Coffeehouse events. “I come to this event every other week, when they have this event. I have a group of friends that I come with and we just drink the free coffee and talk about our day. It is nice to have a designated time to sit down and emerge yourself in the arts,” says Senior Kalyn Speck. In fact students filled the Lower Level of the MSC for the opportunity to do the same as Kalyn and her friends. Deep music lover, Freshman Jacob Faseler, who hopes to eventually get involved with MSC Town Hall said, “people always say when you come to college you will experience a lot more culture than you will in your hometown and Coffeehouse is a great example of that.”

Brandon Castro, a senior electrical engineer and electronic music producer is the current chair of MSC Town Hall. “When I made it on exec I really started to reap the benefits of being on a leadership team. Not only did I learn about concert production and all of the logistics, but I also learned how to manage a large group of people,” Castro states. The student development that comes from leading organizations like MSC Town Hall is recognized throughout campus and within the community. “ A recruiter saw MSC Town Hall Chair on my resume and he was ranting about how impressive that was” said Castro.

MSC Town Hall hosts not only Coffeehouse Series, but also the Lunch Box Series in the Rudder Fountain area, and works to bring big name talents like Kevin Hart to Texas A&M.  It’s all about “putting music where people are going to run into it on accident, and hoping that they enjoy it,” says Castro.

To find out more about MSC TownHall and the learning that happens here visit: http://townhall.tamu.edu.